Monday, 12 May 2014

Busy Bee

I have been doing a bit of sewing lately.  I have joined a group of women who are making items to "furnish" the 16th century restored Llanyravon  Manor, which is near to where I live.  At the moment we are working on a traditional patchwork quilt. Every body has been making diamond shaped patches out of tiny hexagons.  I have finished one and half way with my second.  I think then there are going to be enough to start joining together, which we are going to start doing in two weeks.  They are sewn by hand and are all different colours as people have used their own fabrics. They do all have a cream or white border though.

This is my completed diamond.  The dark stitching will of course be removed when they are joined together.

There are more projects planned for the Manor when the quilt is finished.  We are hoping to make white cotton pinafores and mob caps for the children who visit to dress up in.  They have groups of school children visit when they are learning about the period when the house was built and also later periods in the house's history.  Another project is a collage of the house, using different media, to hang in one of the rooms.

Also completed yesterday was a dress for my granddaughter Safeya.  Glad to have finished it in time for her 2nd birthday party.  She was two on April 30th but they are having a combined party for her and her brother Zachariah on 25th. he will be 5 on June 16th.  Just hoping it fits her as she is not here for fittings. 

 I had started to knit her a dress in September last year, hoping to finish it for Christmas but I couldn't concentrate on the pattern so have given up and undone it. Now working on a cardigan but not sure I will finish that for the party. 


Lynne said...

Both creations are beautiful. I love the material and pattern you chose for Safeya's dress.

Sheila Khan said...

Thanks Lynne, the material was a remnant that her mum picked up in a sale, it was just enough for a dress, pattern supplied by Sandy from Bug Cafe!

Donna said...

I love the sundress!
I can only imagine all the combined work that goes into those quilts. They really are treasures. I can visualize the women in years gone by sitting by the fire night after night after night creating them.